My name is Magdalena De Guzman and I am a 23 year veteran public school teacher and I am running for District 11 Supervisor in November 8 Election. My family and I have lived in District 11 for 13 years. I am a union official and I work tirelessly to advocate for the San Francisco communities to improve the lot of our children and families.


San Francisco has a $9 billion budget, and when I am elected, I will assert how this budget is used. I want to make sure that District 11 gets its fair share of the $9 billion budget. A big concern of our San Francisco residents is affordability of housing. Many low and middle income earners are pushed out of the city due to the increasing market rate of rents. Around 80% of new housing is market rate, and 20% is affordable rate.


When elected as a District 11 Supervisor, I will definitely focus on the housing needs as a human right, like public education and access to food as human rights. We need a political will to get there. As District 11 Supervisor, I will work with the citizens, community based non-profit organizations, unions, the mayor, and other institutions to transform the system so that the citizens in need can get housing.


As District 11 supervisor, I will make sure that city funds are channeled to community based non-profit organization to address and solve the issues of homelessness, immigrant rights, crimes, safety, health services, needs of local businesses, and clean neighborhoods. I will also support community-based organizations that coordinate and collaborate with other organizations in other districts as they find solutions to pressing problems.


Get on board with votemagdalenadeguzman@gmail.com. Labor donated.

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